Surprisingly Affordable

All plans come with a 60-day money-back guarantee.


Great for hobby projects
  • No credit card required
  • 1 GB per month
  • 3-day retention


30 /mo
For those just starting out
  • Single-user account
  • 30 GB per month
  • 15-day retention

Small Team

80 /mo
Great for small businesses
  • Everything in Freelancer
  • 80 GB per month
  • 30-day retention
  • Up-to 5 team members


150 /mo
For multiple teams
  • Everything in Team
  • 150 GB per month included
  • $0.25 per extra 1 GB
  • 30-day retention
  • 5 team members included
  • +$30/mo for additional team members

Enterprise-ready. Volume discounts available.

Logtail is designed to work great for large enterprises.
Integrate your existing stack including



Save up to $500 per year

Elastic-based stack


Elastic-based stack


10 year-old tech


Log more, pay less

Logtail uses a custom-built technology to process your logs and stores them in ClickHouse. Our stack is significantly more efficient and thus cheaper than the conventional Elastic stack. We pass these savings to you.

1GB per month with 30 day retention